Recording and Production Services

With BB King & Elvin BishopWith Elvin Bishop and BB King
With Robert CrayWith Robert Cray
With Zakir HusseinWith Zakir Hussein
With Jack BruceWith Jack Bruce
With Raz KennedyWith Raz Kennedy
With Vicki Randle and Sista MonicaWith Vicki Randle and Sista Monica

Steve Savage offers engineering and production services for all stages of music recordings and in all genres of music.  Savage works at many of the finest San Francisco Bay Area recording studios.

Although Savage still does track complete CD projects, he works primarily as a mixer and mastering engineer.  He is doing all of his mixing and mastering “in the box” and has a powerful Pro Tools system with extensive plug-ins housed in an acoustically tuned room.  Of course Savage works with Bay Area artists but he also offers “remote” mixing services, providing clients who can’t be physically present for mix sessions access to mixes via download.  See below for more information on remote mixing and mastering services.

For a selected list of Savage’s CD and DVD credits please see the discography page.


Remote Mixing and Mastering Services

Each project is unique so some specific information regarding your recording is needed to quote a cost for mixing or mastering. Check Steve’s discography, listen to some of Steve’s work and check out the quotes from some of the artists he has worked with below. Rates are reasonable so please contact Steve for more information.

Contact Steve at: savagemusic (at) regarding your project.




“Steve Savage is the best – his mellow, positive personality makes him a pleasure to work with. I’m very happy with the two projects we’ve done together. He’s very together in the studio, and with Steve there are no technical problems to interrupt the flow of the music making. He’s a smart guy and his musical opinions are solid.”

Elvin Bishop
Legendary recording artist


“Steve Savage has the art of mixing down. He is quick and creative and when he’s done everything is in balance. I love his work.”

Andre Pessis
Hit songwriter and producer.


“I always know I’m in good hands when you are in control of the mix.  You make every recording a joy to listen to.”

Larry Batiste
Music Producer
Musical Director, Grammy Awards Pre-Telecast


“Working with Steve is a pleasure. I trust his ears completely. He has the perfect combination of prodigious knowledge, extensive experience and meticulous attention to the smallest detail. My project consisted of new songs in a retro style and Steve aptly honored the past while ensuring the mixes were thoroughly up to date.”

Joel Evans


“Over the past 30 years I have produced more than 300 recording sessions across genres ranging from classical, pop, jazz, Latin, spoken word to African Marching Band. Steve Savage is, quite frankly, the best mastering engineer with whom I’ve ever worked.”

Frank Dorritie
Soaring Dove Productions
Former Governor, Recording Academy, San Francisco Chapter


“My mixing and mastering experience with Steve Savage could not have been better. He has an incredible ear, listens carefully to what his client wants, and can make the right changes with very little need for explanation; it’s like he could read my mind! On top of that, he is an excellent musician and a pleasure to interact with.”

Don Seaver
Recording artist


“In terms of the way things sound and the general relative levels…well, gee…how can I say this?  It’s great!  We are very happy with your overall approach, your instincts make sense to me.  I like where the vocal is sitting, it feels personal and present.  The separation between instruments is really nice and yet everything feels like it is already blending together well.”

Laurie Morvan
Recording Artist, Laurie Morvan Band