Bytes & Backbeats Files

Here are the audio files for my book Bytes & Backbeats: Repurposing Music in the Digital Age. Click on the arrow button to stream audio. To download the mp3 track, right-click on the track title and select “download linked file”, “Save file”, or something similar. The specific wording will vary depending on the particular browser you are using. NOTE: These files may be loud and distorted unless you turn down the sound output on your computer.

All tracks are either used with permission, Public Domain or short clips used under Fair Use or Fair Dealing.

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1 When You – Original

2 When You – Fixed

3 Freddie Hughes iso

4 Freddie Hughes with

5 Freddie Hughes without

6 Dylan popped ‘p’

7 Dylan no popped

8 Green Day ‘esses’

9 Stevie breathing

10 Tori compression

11 A jazz ‘improvisation’

12 Milee Yookoee