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Click on this to go to the Amazon page for Elvin Bishop’s new “Big Fun Trio” CD (2018). Another great project with this legendary guitarist. Elvin continues to dedicate himself to making great music – and having fun doing it! I am fortunate to participate as his co-producer and engineer.

Click on this to go to the Amazon page for the book Music and Shape from Oxford University Press released December 2017. I wrote a short piece for the book on using shape metaphors for music mixing.

Click on this to go to the Amazon page for Elvin Bishops new CD, “Big Fun Trio.” This is our most recent project together. Big Fun!!
NEWS FLASH – this CD has been nominated for a 2017 Grammy in the Traditional Blues Field!

I was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant and taught for two weeks at the University of Athens in Greece at the end of May, 2016. I was a guest of Dr. Georgaki in the music department and taught seminars in both cultural musicology and applied recording technology. I also traveled to Thessaloniki and gave a talk at Aristotle University.

Click on this to go to the Amazon page for Elvin Bishop’s new CD, “Do Wrong Right.” It was recently reviewed on Fresh Air and in Rolling Stone. I produced this with Elvin and recorded, and mixed it.
Click on this for a brief video about the making of Elvin’s record.

Click on this to see a short piece about my latest recording project. The recording I’m doing of the traditional Mexican band Cascada de Flores was covered on a variety of recording websites, including Mix Magazine.

Click on this to see a recent review of The Art of Digital Audio Recording in the “Journal on the Art of Record Production”

Part of my Auto-Tune blog was picked up by Andrew Sullivan on The Daily Beast!

Here’s a recent blog about The Loudness War

Click on this to see a recent blog of mine regarding digitization and a bit from the Jennifer Egan book “A Visit from the Goon Squad”

Here’s my blog about Auto-Tune (and why it isn’t ruining music!)

An ealier blog about music, musicians, art and Lady Gaga

Steve Savage co-hosted the Art of Record Production conference at San Francisco State University on December 2 – 4, 2011. This is an international conference with a stimulating mix of academics and practitioners (including those, such as Savage, who are actively both). The keynote speaker was Narada Michael Walden. This is only the second time it has been in the States, and the first time it has been on the west coast. For more information please visit

Art of Record Production

My friend Alex Marlow has a website where he offers free technical advice on Logic and Pro Tools. Very useful! Check it out: Logic & Pro Tools Help